– The blind lady made her drink some heavy lilac liquor. « It’s a good relaxing elixir if you want to daydream a bit in my pool », she said.

– It looked like a plastic house in the middle of nowhere. At the entrance, there was a sign on which one could read « Lost travellers and suffering souls are welcomed ». She decided to get in even if her clothes were salty water pearling.

– She saw a light in the distance, on the lakeshore. It was blinking on the roof of a pink house, like Morse code. She crushed on the beach and walked towards the house.

– At the edge of the red wood, she found a mysterious greenhouse. A pink light was glowing from the inside of the glass structure. She opened the door and walked along the central aisle, surrounded by tropical plants powdered with glitter.

– Despite her efforts there was no evidence that she was not alone. Defeated by solipsism and melancholy, she walked along the corridor and she followed the light rays to the swimming pool, in the basement.

– She wanted to meet someone true. She needed to understand. She needed to know if that person could see what she can see and if she was living in this mad world too. She used to pick up the phone late night to talk to strangers.

– She found a space bathed in pink neon. She kept drinking, her hair blowing in the artificial wind of the fan. The ground was leaning and the colours were vibrating.

– When she woke up, she was still alone. She had the sensation of being locked in her own dream – a dream in which she could control everything, as if nothing was real. She decided to stop at this pink hotel for the night.