– She went upstairs and asked for dry clothes. « I can’t see you sweetie I’m blind today. But help yourself with my dressing room. Do as you wish », the young mother said.

– « My brother and I love to dress up like dolls », a little blond girl said. « We always borrow Mama’s wigs ». Then she understood that the first girl she had seen was a boy.

– She wanted to impregnate herself of this place. She turned on an old radio. She put her silver jumpsuit down listening to Sam Cooke. She looked at her hips arching in the window reflection. Under the sensual light she wanted to be as attractive as this vacuum cleaner.

– She looked at herself in the mirror for hours. She wanted her skin pinkish like a shrimp and soft like a peach. She wanted to appeal to people at all costs. Yet she knew that seduction was a vain thing.