– The blind lady made her drink some heavy lilac liquor. « It’s a good relaxing elixir if you want to daydream a bit in my pool », she said.

– She went to the dressing room and found a collection of household products. She fell in love with these objects. They were shinning more resplendently than ever. Their shadows on the wall reminded her of women figures. She wanted to look like them.

– She went upstairs and asked for dry clothes. « I can’t see you sweetie I’m blind today. But help yourself with my dressing room. Do as you wish », the young mother said.

– « My brother and I love to dress up like dolls », a little blond girl said. « We always borrow Mama’s wigs ». Then she understood that the first girl she had seen was a boy.

– It looked like a plastic house in the middle of nowhere. At the entrance, there was a sign on which one could read « Lost travellers and suffering souls are welcomed ». She decided to get in even if her clothes were salty water pearling.

– She saw a light in the distance, on the lakeshore. It was blinking on the roof of a pink house, like Morse code. She crushed on the beach and walked towards the house.

– She didn’t know where the top and bottom were. She got dizzy. The sky was a blue abyss in which she could fall at any time. She was clinging to the Earth no to fall forever.

🔎 Textile ID
☆Fabric n*1 : Mint silicone + pink plastic eyelets + fishing fluorescent red pearls + pink foam earplugs + white punk spikes.

– She was high, alone and looking for love. Being alone in her head forever was a frightenning idea. Deep in the woods, she saw a pool glowing in the dark. She bent over the water and watched the psychedelic dance of a plastic pipe.

– She wanted to impregnate herself of this place. She turned on an old radio. She put her silver jumpsuit down listening to Sam Cooke. She looked at her hips arching in the window reflection. Under the sensual light she wanted to be as attractive as this vacuum cleaner.

– On an old sofa covered with plants, there was a red vacuum cleaner. Its metallized shell was flaming. She had the sensation that this place had appeared in the middle of nowhere just to seduce her and enchant her.

– There was no one, just a candy apple and sap perfume in the air. She went face to face with a strange object, like a chromed eye glowing in the night.
She was attracted to it and fascinated by its beauty.

– At the edge of the red wood, she found a mysterious greenhouse. A pink light was glowing from the inside of the glass structure. She opened the door and walked along the central aisle, surrounded by tropical plants powdered with glitter.

– The sky was erasing all terrestrial rules and all human related landmarks. She was progressively understanding that in the sky, all thing could be observed in any orientation, from any angle. Her human eye was becoming extraterrestrial since she was aware that the sky contained everything.

🔎 Object ID
☆Name : Sky mirror.
☆Type : Fashion artefact.
☆Materials : Plastic mirror + inox + holographic surface.
☆Function : To make aware of the sky above us. To reverse the mirror’s traditional narcissist use.
☆Made by me


– She woke up in the foothills of a terracotta mountain. She was somewhere in the middle of an unknown blue substance called the Sky. The only thing she knew is that she was walking on a soil that we used to call the Earth.

🔎 Textile ID
☆Fabric n*4 : Mint silicone fabric + iridescent round sequins + fishing baits eyes stickers + iridescent gemmes + iridescent square sequins.

🔎 Textile ID
☆Fabric n*3 : Cotton Jersey Fabric knitted by me + tainted in light blue + silver pushpins + iridescent round sequins.

🔎 Textile ID
☆Fabric n*1 : White Lycra + iridescent square sequins + iron and plastic eyelets + contact lenses in their original packaging + fishing baits eyes stickers.


🔎 Clothing ID
☆Name : 1000IZ.
☆Type : Swimsuit.
☆Materials : White Lycra + contact lenses in their original packaging + fishing baits eyes stickers.
☆Made by me

– Despite her efforts there was no evidence that she was not alone. Defeated by solipsism and melancholy, she walked along the corridor and she followed the light rays to the swimming pool, in the basement.

– She wanted to meet someone true. She needed to understand. She needed to know if that person could see what she can see and if she was living in this mad world too. She used to pick up the phone late night to talk to strangers.

– She looked at herself in the mirror for hours. She wanted her skin pinkish like a shrimp and soft like a peach. She wanted to appeal to people at all costs. Yet she knew that seduction was a vain thing.

– She found a space bathed in pink neon. She kept drinking, her hair blowing in the artificial wind of the fan. The ground was leaning and the colours were vibrating.

– Was it her soul floating on the surface of the water ? She was somewhere, nowhere, in another world, on another frequency. After all, maybe she had found what she was looking for.

🔎 Object ID
☆Name : Seashell earphones
☆Type : Fashion artefact.
☆Materials : Shell and copper.
☆Function : Surround yourself with water noise.
☆Made by me

– The hotel was crowded but she still felt alone. She wanted to feel a real presence, and wanted to know that she was not the only one to live in this dream. She locked herself in the bathroom, sipped a strawberry vodka, and started to fall in love with the pink color of the walls.

– When she woke up, she was still alone. She had the sensation of being locked in her own dream – a dream in which she could control everything, as if nothing was real. She decided to stop at this pink hotel for the night.

🔎 Object ID
☆Name : Terrascope.
☆Type : Fashion artefact.
☆Materials : Glass, inox, wood, red resin, diverging lense.
☆Function : To make aware of the smallness of the Earth in the universe.
☆Made by me