– She went to the dressing room and found a collection of household products. She fell in love with these objects. They were shinning more resplendently than ever. Their shadows on the wall reminded her of women figures. She wanted to look like them.

– On an old sofa covered with plants, there was a red vacuum cleaner. Its metallized shell was flaming. She had the sensation that this place had appeared in the middle of nowhere just to seduce her and enchant her.

– There was no one, just a candy apple and sap perfume in the air. She went face to face with a strange object, like a chromed eye glowing in the night.
She was attracted to it and fascinated by its beauty.

– The hotel was crowded but she still felt alone. She wanted to feel a real presence, and wanted to know that she was not the only one to live in this dream. She locked herself in the bathroom, sipped a strawberry vodka, and started to fall in love with the pink color of the walls.