– She got in the clear mentholated pool and she put a mask as if she was entering a sensory deprivation tank. She could feel a foreign substance in her veins now. Something that was flooding her body.

🔎 Textile ID
☆Fabric n*1 : Mint silicone + pink plastic eyelets + fishing fluorescent red pearls + pink foam earplugs + white punk spikes.

– She was attracted to the underwater. She jumped into the pool almost without doing any waves. Like in a David Hockney painting.

– She was high, alone and looking for love. Being alone in her head forever was a frightenning idea. Deep in the woods, she saw a pool glowing in the dark. She bent over the water and watched the psychedelic dance of a plastic pipe.

– She burried herself in the pool and her whole body has evaporated. Now she was a translucent jellyfish levitating in the cloudy chlorinated water.

🔎 Textile ID
☆Fabric n*4 : Mint silicone fabric + iridescent round sequins + fishing baits eyes stickers + iridescent gemmes + iridescent square sequins.

🔎 Textile ID
☆Fabric n*3 : Cotton Jersey Fabric knitted by me + tainted in light blue + silver pushpins + iridescent round sequins.

🔎 Textile ID
☆Fabric n*1 : White Lycra + iridescent square sequins + iron and plastic eyelets + contact lenses in their original packaging + fishing baits eyes stickers.


🔎 Clothing ID
☆Name : 1000IZ.
☆Type : Swimsuit.
☆Materials : White Lycra + contact lenses in their original packaging + fishing baits eyes stickers.
☆Made by me


– She put on her pearl white sequined swimsuit and she dipped her feet in the fluorescent water. She knew that she had to disappear.

– Was it her soul floating on the surface of the water ? She was somewhere, nowhere, in another world, on another frequency. After all, maybe she had found what she was looking for.

– The next morning, her body had completely disappeared. The only thing she had left in the pool was this strange circular sparkling object.

🔎 Object ID
☆Name : Seashell earphones
☆Type : Fashion artefact.
☆Materials : Shell and copper.
☆Function : Surround yourself with water noise.
☆Made by me

– She knew that what she was looking for was in vain. She took downers and she felt herself faltering in the blue night.